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Our Story

A glimpse into what makes us, us.

Time is of the essence.

We focus on providing the best quality faster than anyone else.

About us

William & Wesley Co. has been an important part of the Dallas Design community for over 20 years. We have grown and expanded as more and more clients use our services. Our capabilities are as diverse as the hand-stitched details on a cushion, to the fabrication of complex geometry with 5-axis CNC technology. We bring decades of furniture making knowledge to your project. Our background, with such a wide range of past projects, help us give you the best product, for great value, in the shortest amount of time. Our in-house design and engineering team work closely with the masters who craft your bespoke pieces. Located centrally in Dallas, you are able to see the process firsthand. (Visits to the workrooms are by appointment.)

Bringing the best to our clients - from Design to Execution.

William & Wesley Co. is the best source for high quality, custom, bench-made furniture, in eight to ten weeks. Design professionals have relied on us for over 20 years to provide quality service, and beautiful furnishings. Our “to the trade” showroom is filled with resources to assist in the completion any design project: artwork, lighting, fabric, leather, acrylic, accessories…whatever is needed!

From providing one, unique, eye-catching piece; to furnishing an entire home- we can do it. This where to go when it can’t be found anywhere else.

What Sets Us Apart.


Every William & Wesley Co. piece is refined to produce the best design possible. Quality starts with the first meeting.


As we collaborate with a wide variety of professionals, we encounter new ideas and innovations. We believe in bringing this new knowledge to our future projects.



Our history of distinctive, timeless work, by our highly skilled, dedicated team, speaks for itself. Our promise to you is Excellence.


Creation is our passion. Every piece we create is distinctive and reflective of every hand that touched it. The passion to try to create perfection, is what drives us.

Exclusive Lines

Christopher Hyland

JH Lighting

Silkworks Textiles

Brimar Inc.


Deborah Viestenz

Alaxi Fabrics


Blue Sky Glass


Jessica Medina Chaix

Piercen Lawrence

Chris Judy

Jo Hyman

Doug Van Voorhis

Jim Colley

william & wesley

About William & Wesley Family of Companies.

Our Family of Companies offers a wide selection of options for your design needs. World Class results begin with World Class partners.

PKI Wood has been manufacturing custom case-goods, conference tables and such for commercial use for 30+ years. When only the best will do for your headquarters, PKI Wood is your answer.

Mineral Hunters brings the beauty of the natural world into your environment. Curated from all over the world, the collection of minerals will impress you. Minerals are mounted a myriad of unique ways – even turned into lamp bases!

J.H.Lighting takes care of your lighting needs by offering the ability to customize their catalog. The finishes, sizes, and shapes can be modified to fulfill your requirements.

Christopher Hyland provides the finest fabrics in the world – from traditional Lampas silks, woven on centuries old looms; to timeless classic jacquards; to modern, unexpected weaves.